Creating an effective Google Adwords campaign is challenging for the beginner and the expert, particularly if you're just entering a completely new niche or perhaps approaching your target audience for the first time. Although you could very well spend days and weeks closely monitoring the market and observing what your competitors are doing, the actual lessons are realized when you create an advertisement and then concentrate on optimizing that for effectiveness. Nonetheless, this tactic also makes it effortless to make mistakes - some at very high costs.

Perry Marshall can offer you a variety of effective tips, strategies and advice regarding creating an adwords campaign which promises results in his book The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords, however a lot of individuals still make some errors when they are conducting keyword research and making efforts to optimize the adword campaigns.

If you need to create an effective Google Adwords campaign - one which creates top quality visitors and in fact reaches your target audience - make sure you are not committing any of these common mistakes:

1. Writing copy for an ad without keywords. Many Adwords campaign managers commit the error of using keywords only in the beginning, instead of spreading the keywords throughout the ad. You would want to make sure that every ad copy you make is as focused and as rich in keyword as possible, therefore be at liberty to work with a minimum of 1 to 2 keywords or key phrases in your ad for more advantage.

2. Linking the keywords to the site's main page. You'll yield a lot more attention and, in many cases, even better rates of conversion if the address for a webpage that you will use in your ad goes directly to a page within the site with the offer and not just your main page.

3. Relying on Google's Adwords Keyword Selector Tool to work for you. The 'broad match' feature can only give you an idea of suitable keywords within your niche, but you do have other options. Work with the other features, such as the 'phrase match' and the 'exact match' in the tool to yield a well-targeted set of keywords that you could make use of for your ads and even your site's copy.

4. Working with keywords that do not attract your target market. Knowing what words your target market searches for is not an overnight exercise, and you cannot always assume that people will be browsing for your products or services using the same search phrases that you use on the internet. You will need to create a list of useful and similar keywords and phrases with the use of the 'synonyms' feature to enhance search results in Google and improve your campaign.

5. Limiting the appearance of your offer only in the body of the copy. Always make sure that you focus on the main benefit immediately in the headline of your copy. You should imagine that your viewers are only scanning through the headers - would they be interested to see details of your ad or read through the remainder of the ad? Though Google Adwords ads just have 3 or 4 short statements, a lot of individuals still scan such short pieces of copy and only react when they see an idea that is unique or truly amazing - your only chance to get their attention is right in the headline.