The many advances in the Pay per click advertising industry over the past decade made it now possible to run a PPC branding campaign. Branding campaigns are really just a long-term method for a company to influence customers and PPC now allows companies to do branding as a highly focused and quantifiable effort.

Any business can put up effective promotions for branding using any PPC network. Author Boris Mordkovich, of the book "Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Handbook" gives out some guidelines for managing a branding campaign using PPC marketing.

He encourages all PPC advertisers to monitor their branding campaign regularly and tweak the strategy as they go; varying the ads only slightly can have a significant impact on results, and this is a strategy that many successful PPC and Google Adwords advertisers use regularly in order to optimize their efforts. Some of the best ways to tap into this opportunity for your branding campaign involve:

1. Treat PPC advertising as separate from conventional ad campaigns. Pay per click campaigns are very different from conventional marketing. The goal is to get a response from customers but the information you get from PPC is different. Isolate your PPC campaign from your other marketing efforts to increase your efficiency and effectiveness in PPC advertising.

2. Don't worry about the USP with pay per click marketing. Even though conventional marketing and branding strategies encourage business owners to reach their target market by promoting their unique selling proposition, this is not as effective in PPC marketing. PPC marketing requires understanding the keywords and keyphrases associated with the products and services you provide. Do the necessary research to find out what these words and phrases are so you can create highly compelling and effective ads with these in mind.

3. Adjust your strategy regularly. The great thing about this advertising method is that you can get accurate metrics about your campaign almost in real-time. Take advantage of this by optimizing your ads regularly for more clicks and better results.

4. Develop the right landing page. Customers have very short attention span, especially in the internet. You don't want to send them to your homepage that just talks about your company in general. Consider developing a landing page that gives out detailed information about your ad's subject. This grabs the attention of your customers and makes it easier for you to obtain more accurate campaign metrics.

5. Produce innovative ad headlines and copy. You are just one of the countless businesses that are vying for the attention of your customers through PPC. Stand out from the crowd by writing exceptional ads. Think about the benefits of hiring a copywriter; you can get better results if you let a copywriter do his magic in those few lines of text.