Pay per click marketing is one of the best ways to generate more visitors to your site, blog, landing page or shopping portal, but only some people know how to make use of Pay-per-click ads effectively for the long-term. To produce more traffic with PPC marketing campaigns, you will have to learn how to conduct effective keyword research and use a variety of different advertisements to find out which ones are your excellent performers.

According to Mitch Meyerson and Mary Eule Scarborough, writers of the book "Mastering Online Marketing", PPC campaigns like Google AdWords let site owner to place advertisements on search engine results page after a simple keyword research. Which means that you accept to pay for traffic according to a person's keywords.

To make this effective, it's important to display your advertisements only on search engine results which can normally generate the kind of traffic you're looking for. This can be easier to do when there's a certain phrase or keyword that people search for to get to products or services you're providing, but it is a bit trickier if there are synonyms for your keywords, or if adding one single term before or after the keyphrase can change its meaning.

This is why several Google AdWords master like Perry Marshall persuade pay per click managers to conduct something called 'negative keyword research'. This requires creating a keywords list that you don't want to include in your marketing campaign, because you have basis to think that the kind of traffic these keyword searches would generate won't convert for your particular product. This negative keyword technique can help you save money and make sure that your advertisements are only shown to site visitors who might be excellent converters.

Another way to produce more visitors with Pay per click campaigns is to track your click-through rates on a regular basis and determine which particular phrases or words within your advertisements are converting. If you are using Adwords, you may link your account to your Google Analytics account for simple tracking of each and every click. Using these statistics, you'll know what individuals are searching for one they see your ad, and whether if they're clicking through to your product or service after looking at your advertisement.

Finally, it is important for all Pay per click marketers to tweak and modify their ads based on performance. It's generally a wise decision to run several ads using the the same keywords but different headlines and descriptions at the same time, and figure out which ones are performing better than the rest. This will help you narrow down the high-converting ads and help you focus your spending on just the words and ads that are giving results.