Having pay per click marketing in your online marketing plan's one of the best ways to yield high quality, even qualified traffic to your website. However, there are specific strategies and techniques you have to be mindful of before you can begin. Below are some of the most successful PPC techniques to use regularly:

One of the most important PPC tactics is to test your ad copy with A/B testing, however, not too much that you spend your time tracking very unimportant differences. You need to concentrate on modifying major words as well as sentences in the ads and seeing if it makes a significant change in user behavior. In most cases, you'll be able to spot the best performing keyword or keyphrase in just a couple of weeks of testing.

When you are creating PPC advertising campaigns, you also need to test your landing pages. It's generally a good idea to set up several different lead capture pages and create the same ads which go to several destinations. Through this, you can track which lead capture pages are actually converting and which of them are placing visitors off the mark. Make use of a trusted analytics software to help you obtain valuable data and also assess it regularly to look for behaviours and trends.

You also have to learn what to pay for the clicks. According to Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd, authors of the "Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords", identifying how much you should invest in your clicks is a lot more of a judgment call compared to theory. You must base your reasoning on the niche, the budget you're settling for as well as your ability to turn site visitors into buyers of your product or service. Ultimately, you need to calculate the average amount of time that a visitor will spend with you on your site. Will the visitors simply browse around your site or will they directly buy something from your purchase page? You may want to pay much more for site visitors who are prepared to buy compared to those who are searching for some information.

It is usually recommended that you look for negative keywords as much as possible. The Adwords tool can instantly help you determine which advertisements will be showing up for unrelated searches, so that all you need to do now is to take these keywords off of your bid list so that you are not losing your money and resources producing clicks that convert nothing.

Last but not least, make sure you are not going up against your organic search listings for certain keywords and keyphrases. If you have earned the first number of placements for a particular keyword on the leading search engine sites, refrain from purchasing that keyword for your own ads. Your goal is to 'own' as much of the first page of the search engine results as you can, and this is possible by means of targeting keywords other than those that you have actually 'won' when putting together the sponsored listing advertisements.

Pay per click advertising with AdWords and other sponsored search listing providers is a proven way of producing good quality traffic, but that doesn't mean you can just set it on auto-pilot. You have to study some fundamental techniques as well as tips to attract the kind of traffic that converts sales.