The title of top PPC network on the internet still belongs to Google Adwords, and they are expected to remain on top for years. What's great about Adwords is that anyone can setup an account and run a campaign in a few hours. The only thing is, you are limited to just  35 text characters per line so you have to type in a specific manner to get favorable results. You just need to learn how to write ads specifically for Adwords in order to profit from it.

A whole science has emerged around writing effective adwords ads and knowing what to right in each line is just a part of it. If you're totally new with Adwords, here's a strategy you can use to base your first ad on.

1. Use the keyword in the headline. Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd, authors of the book "The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords"  explain that more people click on ads when the headline includes the keyword or keyphrase that they were searching on. This means it is to your advantage to include the keyword or keyphrase in that very first line; weave these words into the headline to create an attention-grabbing headline that has the potential to generate more clicks.

2. Second line must describe a benefit. People are more likely to respond and click an ad if the ad clearly states a benefit near the title. Differentiate between benefits, offers and features to make this technique work. Think in terms of 'giving them what they want' first before stating your product's attributes.

3. State a feature or offer on the third line. Your features and offers must support your benefit statement. The idea here is to state your feature or offer in such a way as to back your benefit claim. Remember to keep your feature or offer brief and simple so as not to overpower your benefit.

4. Use the last line for your landing page. Many companies make the mistake of inserting only their website URL on the last line, but you have the freedom to enter in any destination you want in this area. This is a great reason to set up a separate landing page specifically for your Adwords campaign; this landing page URL can be inserted into every ad you run so you can track how well your ad is performing. Inserting a clear destination here may also encourage more clicks.

5. Test results with a similarly written ad. If you want more clicks from each campaign, consider running two very similar ads with slightly different wording. You can still use the same keywords and keyphrases, but tweaking these slightly and measuring for performance can help you generate more clicks on each ad run.

All elements needed for success in Google Adwords can be mastered with practice. Remember to track your performance always so that you can pinpoint areas for improvement. In any case, don't delay your usage of Google adwords and follow these tips to start running ads now.