There are ways to get the maximum results from your already highly effective Google Adwords Pay per click campaign that can be done before writing and executing an ad. If your ad is very specific, and you have written it in such a way that it will draw in the potential customers, you will be able to make your Pay per click ad for Google Adwords work better. Expert Author, Bruce Brown, in his book, "The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Marketing: Pay Per Click Advertising", shows more solutions to the problem he had stated about generic ads simply not working with Pay per click advertising. Here are a few basic methods that you can apply to make your Pay per click campaign with Google Advertising work more efficiently:

1. Ads should link directly to the product purchase page. It is better to bring a visitor directly to the sales page than to the home page. By directly linking the visitor to a product purchase page, you will have a better chance of making a sale.

2. Find a reputable service provider. Some of the leading search engines are Google and the others like Bing and Yahoo!, and you can place your Pay per click campaign in any of these. A good basis for deciding which service provider to use is how much exposure your ad can get because the site has large enough audience. A majority of internet marketing experts use Google Adwords.

3. Find out what the top ten list of results already looks like. Since you'll be competing for the top spot on search results for a particular keyword or phrase, find out what the competition is already using. What is at the top of the search results page? What can you do differently? Also keep in mind that many people do still scroll through various Pay per click ads, so even if yours isn't at the top of your rotation, you still have a chance of getting clicked when someone finds something else that matches their interest.

4. Market your site even more. Pay per click ads like Google Adwords is just one way to promote your site. You can push even harder to reach more of your target market by using other kinds of advertising like classified ads, contextual advertising, and affiliate marketing.

5. Use the demographic targeting feature. When you use the demographic targeting feature of that some Pay per click ads like Google Adwords has will allow you to effective show your ad in only the area of your interest. This feature is will help you narrow down your ads to appear only to the potential clients in the area of your concern, and allow you to concentrate your marketing efforts for that specific location.

6. Figure out what the right keywords or keyphrases are. There are a vast number of online keyword tools, and the most popular is the Google Keyword tool. This tool will show you a list of alternative keywords and keyphrases and its statistics based on your specified keyword search. With the results generated by this tool, you can study the figures and decide which keyword or keyphrase will be the best ones to use.

7. Get an Ad Filtering feature. You can cut down on fraudulent clicks by blocking certain websites or regions that you deem unnecessary to your marketing strategy. Aside from being able to budget your expenses, you can get to estimate what your actual click through rates and conversion rates are. Pay per click providers like Google Adwords have fraud detection and prevention programs that you can use if you suspect any such activity.

It is possible to make a Pay per click campaign like that of Google Adwords bring in more of the quality traffic that you need. Though you must remember that these essential tips are just very basic. If you want to bring the massive amount of high converting traffic to your site, you have to study more about how to make the most out of internet marketing like that of Google Advertising.