Optimizing your Google Adwords campaign is an ongoing process, but many people resort to a trial and error process that ends up costing them hundreds, even thousands of dollars from their marketing budget as they tweak and refine each ad campaign.

Google Adwords pioneers such as Perry Marshall, the author of The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords discusses this aspect of Google Adwords campaign management in great detail. He outlines specific steps and strategies for getting results as soon as you start your campaign, and offers suggestions on ways to refine your campaign as each day or week goes by.

You don't have to throw your money away when you learn the tips and strategies that affiliate marketers and Adwords experts already know; you can actually end up spending less on your ads than competitors in your niche by picking specific keyword segments, monitoring your results and changing your ads regularly. Here are some essential tips for getting results with Google Adwords and spending as little money as possible during the process:

First, don't pay for top spot placement. Many people mistakenly believe that the #1 spot on the Google 'Sponsored Search' results will get the highest conversions, but in many cases, the #2 and #3 spots get as much, or even more conversions than the top spot. The benefit of bidding for spots outside of the top spot is that you can pay a much lower price and still get plenty of exposure for your target market. A visitor searching for information is also more likely to scan down the list, so you have an almost-equal chance of getting picked and clicked with your ad placement.

Second: your list must not contain any negative keywords. Hundreds of clicks can be generated by certain keywords or keyphrases, still, you have to be cautious since your ad's conversion rate depends on them. The presence of negative keyword in your ad campaign may affect the overall quality and quantity of your traffic, people may actually feel frustrated if they don't see the info they are searching for. This case may be addressed by replacing the keyword with synonyms or other related words; and this particular technique is essential in rapidly improving your CTR even after any minor alterations or modifications.

Finally, don't bid on broad match keywords. When you want to get some very targeted traffic to your website, don't waste your money or time bidding on broad or general keywords. Look at the 'advertiser competition' results for those keywords; if the bar is colored more than halfway, there is a very low chance that you will be able to bid on that word for a low price. Look for keywords and keyphrases that have a low color indicator; this may involve scrolling down the list, but anything that isn't highly competitive may also have a fairly low bidding price. You can use the 'exact match' feature on the Google Adwords Keyword Selector Tool to drill down your search.

Your Google Adwords ad campaign's conversion rates can be enhanced in varied ways, at the same, ensuring you are dealing with your target market efficiently. Maximize your campaign with any of these strategies and start bidding on winning combination of keywords without spending too much.