Google Adwords continues to be one of the most effective PPC advertising models on the web, and businesses of all sizes can get started with Adwords within a few hours. However, you are limited to just 35 text characters per line so you have to type in a specific manner to get favorable results. You just need to learn how to write ads specifically for Ad words in order to profit from it.

A whole science has emerged around writing effective adwords ads and knowing what to right in each line is just a part of it. If you're totally new with Adwords, here's a strategy you can use to base your first ad on.

1. Use the keyword in the headline. People tend to click more on ads if the headline includes the keyword or keyphrase they typed in Google's search box, according to Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd, authors of the book "The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords". Use this technique to grab the attention of your target audience instantly.

2. Second line must describe a benefit. Most readers will respond to an ad that clearly lists a key benefit near the beginning. Differentiate between benefits, offers and features to make this technique work. State what they will gain from you before giving out the details of your offer.

3. State a feature or offer on the third line.  After 'giving them what they want', its time to support your benefit by stating a feature or your special offer. This line should be simple and concise and make sure this line does not overwhelm your benefit.

4. Include your landing page in the last line. You can link your ads into any page or URL within your website. Do not link all your ads to your homepage. You can setup a different landing page for each ad you run to encourage more clicks and even track your performance.

5. Test results with a similarly written ad. You can run two similar but differently worded ads to improve your campaign. You can still use the same keywords and keyphrases, but tweaking these slightly and measuring for performance can help you generate more clicks on each ad run.

Setting up your Google Adwords campaign for the first time can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't take long to understand all of the elements of Google Adwords and creating compelling and persuasive ads. Follow these guidelines and start running ads now.