When it comes to using Google AdWords ads to attract customers, your CTR or clickthrough rates are the key to getting the biggest bang possible for your marketing buck. Perry Marshall, an online marketing expert, suggests the those seeking to increase the effectiveness of their AdWords advertisements to employ the strategy of split testing. By split testing, you can begin to determine the precise effectiveness of each of the keywords and phrases in attracting attention and, as a result, clicks from members of your target audience. By paying attention to what really works in your marketing, and perhaps running two or more advertisements simultaneously, you can gain valuable insights into what drives your customers.

Along with split testing your AdWords ads, you can also apply this strategy to other facets of your online marketing. Here are just a few of the situations in which a split test can help to maximize your online marketing campaign's ability to attract potential customers.

1. Sign-up boxes. When offering freebies to your prospective customers, such as free downloads or newsletters, it's quite likely that you have included a prompt in which the customer must enter his or her Email address. Split testing here will give you a better idea of what types of free incentives actually work well. Feel free to experiment with the language you use in these areas, as it can only provide more valuable insight into the minds of your customers, that you can ultimately apply when creating AdWords advertisements.

2. Your shopping cart. Monitoring the activities on your shopping cart can help you learn more about your customer's buying habits, likes, dislikes and general interests. This is valuable way to monitor keywords and keyphrases, especially if you can track what items are most searched for on your site. Split testing here might involve different messages during the checkout process to determine which customers continued shopping after selecting an item, and which ones proceeded to the checkout.

3. Product-specific pages. Every product you sell on your site will have its own page, and each of these pages represents a great opportunity for marketing. Don't discount the importance of the copy on an individual product's page on a customer's ultimate decision to buy or not to buy. Attention-grabbing copy in this area can indeed work wonders in increasing sales. This is also a great place to employee the strategy of split testing - vary the messages presented to customers on your site's product-specific pages, and be sure to note which particular messages seem to prompt the most sales As mentioned above, the insights gained here can easily be applied to AdWords ads

4. Sales letters. The immediacy of sales letters makes them a valuable, time-tested marketing tactic, and these letters are another place where split testing can be used to your advantage. By sending out a variety of different sales letters to potential customers and monitoring which result in clickthroughs to product pages can help you to better tailor your message to your target audience, and likewise to create more appealing AdWords ads.

5. Email messages to customers. Any electronic messages you send to potential customers can be fine-tuned for greater effectiveness using split testing. Even if you don't send out a full newsletter, the tweaking of even autoresponder messages, and the subsequent monitoring for clickthroughs, can yield valuable information about how to attract a greater audience to your site.