More and more businesses are using pay per click advertising to promote their business online. Pay per click advertising with Google Adwords can bring lots of traffic to your website, aside from organic search results.

You may have to spend a considerable amount for PPC, but you can get a significant ROI, if you do things right. Here are 5 steps to help you launch your PPC campaign:

Step 1: Define your ad budget. Google adwords, and other PPC programs, allow its users to set a daily or maximum ad budget. This option is great for tracking your campaigns and allows you to spend at a level you're comfortable with. Do an initial test or survey your market first and set a low daily limit. On the contrary, you can put up several ads all at once in different markets, if you can afford it. You then retain the ones that produce results and drop the ones that do not work.

Step 2: Define how much risk you are comfortable with. Traditional marketing campaigns are inherently more risky than Pay per click programs, says Boris Mordkovich, author of "Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing Handbook". However, he cautions marketers that some search engines provide different returns on your investment. Popular search engines have a higher level of competition and may cost more; you need to define the level of competition and cost that you can afford.

Step 3: Choose your keywords. There are many free online tools that you can use to discover the most relevant keywords for your market. Keywords are the backbone of every pay per click campaigns. Selecting the wrong keywords can be disastrous to your campaign so you need to spend some time to make sure that you get the right keywords. Aside from keyword research, you may have to do A - B split tests to select a winning list of keywords.

Step 4: Review your campaign's results. Most PPC platforms provide a convenient reporting tool that gives you the ability to adjust your campaign based on the data you gathered so far. Reports will usually include the number of clicks for each keyword, the time of day your ad was clicked, and the location of those who clicked your ads.

Step 5: Tweak your ads You can get a better ROI by pruning sub-par keywords from your list and focusing your resources instead on those that brought in the most traffic and sales. You can then concentrate on creating and editing ads to further increase your traffic and conversions.

Getting started with Google Adwords and other pay per click advertising methods is a relatively easy process, and much of your success will be a result of trial and error. Go through these five basic steps so you can make the most of your PPC advertising campaign.