Using Google AdWords to generate hits for your site may initially feel like a roll of the dice, but in reality there are some strategies that work, and some that don't. Creating a good Internet marketing plan requires that you take lessons from those who came before you; if you neglect to do this, you'll simply end up wasting your time and money.

Perry Marshall and other innovators in Internet marketing have come up with a few AdWords tactics that really work. Don't just stand by as you lose your best traffic to other sites; take a page from Perry Marshall's book and pay heed to these five essential tips, which will help you to improve the quality and quantity of your site traffic.

#1: Playing Mindreader

Understanding a customer's needs and wants is an essential part of every marketing campaign, but when you only have two or three lines to capture a prospect's attention, you need a formula that works. Perry Marshall encourages advertisers to write copy that 'enters the conversation going on in the customer's head.' Essentially, this means learning enough about the prospect to determine the exact words and phrases they might use to explain their problem - and their ideal solution. Capturing this key phrase or sentence and wrapping it into the lines of the Google Adwords ad is one of the best ways to generate traffic.

#2: Link To the Right URL

The URL you display in the body of your ad should be related to what you are marketing, and you should make sure that the link sends customers where they need to go with no detours. For example, if you are advertising a free download, have the link lead right to page on which it can be obtained. This will attract more interest than just linking to your website.

#3: Try Another Tack

A second ad campaign with small differences (but the same keywords) can be run concurrently with your original ad, allowing you to better gauge how to attract hits and strengthen your CTR. Later, you can delete the less effective ad.

#4: Try Longer Phrases

If it seems like all the most useful keywords have been taken by your competition, you may want to start bidding on entire sentences or longer phrases that customers may. This approach will give you a chance to reach more customers without giving up on the keywords and phrases you initially wanted.

#5: List Benefits, Than Features

Listing benefits then features is a tested and proven method that can help you attract high quality traffic almost immediately. Since you only have a couple of lines to work with, positioning keywords and phrases in just the right format is essential; make sure your benefits are listed first to grab the reader's attention, and then you can list a few features to close the deal - and get that click.

Internet marketers have already cracked the code for success with Google Adwords, so you don't have to pay for the most common 'beginner's mistakes'. Whether you're on a tight budget or just want to maximize your online marketing efforts, starting your Google Adwords campaign with these five strategies can make every ad a traffic generating opportunity.