How can you assess the effectiveness of Pay per click marketing tool that plays an important role in your internet marketing strategy? Figuring out the results of your Pay Per Click campaign is a simple procedure that requires only the basic understanding of how SEO and Pay Per Click works and the use of web analytics tools. Here are some tips that you can use to know how effective are the results of your Pay Per Click marketing strategy:

1. PPC has to be integrated with web analytics tool. The author of "Web Analytics: An Hour a Day", Avinash Kaushik, adviced the use of many web analytic tools and to incorporate the PPC data into it so that its effectiveness can be measured. Kaushik specified that access to the backed of web analytics tools is vital to know what is happening behind the scenes (instead of hiring an SEM service for this task).

2. Define your key performance indicators. The next question you need to answer is what exactly generates a 'sale' for you? Is it the click to a sales page (a lead capture)? Is it the payment and transaction itself? Defining what is the performance indicator for your particular campaign will help you narrow down your focus and track user behavior that is getting the conversions you need.

3. Get to know unique visitor history. The number of unique visitors varies per campaign and it is necessary to know how much you had spent to get them to visit your site, even if they did not buy anything or submit their information. If you know this, then you will find out which part of your Pay Per Click campaign is not working in your favor. When visitors come and go and income is generated, you may be using the wrong keywords.

4. Do split testing. Split testing is a common technique used by online marketers that want to determine which keywords or keyphrases work best for conversions in their given market. Split testing means running the same ad across all three ad service providers at the same time. This will allow you to track clicks and find out where the majority of your target market is clicking and how they are finding you. Once you have this data, you can focus your advertising efforts exclusively on the network with the highest return.

5. Know the cost of each acquisition. When you know how many visitors your website has and how many of them actually generate you income, you can accurately compute the individual acquisition cost of your campaign. This will tell you exactly how much you have spent to get a sale. Then, you can calculate the average selling price and study your ROI.

Figuring out the efficiency of your Pay per click online tool may be time consuming and it is necessary to make some changes as you continue your campaign. But, it is a procedure that most internet savvy marketers do to be able to optimize their ads and achieve the highest conversions from individual Pay Per Click campaigns.