If you want to maximize the efficiency of your Pay per click campaign with Google Adwords, there are a few things that you can do before writing and executing each advertisement. You can write your Pay per click ads in such a way that it will capture the attention of your target market right away, and you will get more of the traffic that you need if your ad is very specific.

In the book, "The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Marketing: Pay Per Click Advertising", author Bruce Brown, expounds on his expert statement that generic ads simply do not work with Pay per click advertising. Here are some essential tips for a highly successful Pay per click campaign especially when using the services of Google Advertising:

1. Make sure your ad links directly to the product purchase page. Make the most of the click, instead of just bringing the visitor to the home page. It is better to bring the potential customer directly to the product page to avoid losing the golden opportunity of making a sale.

2. Use a reputable service provider. Google and the others like Bing and Yahoo! are among the leading search engines that you can use for your Pay per click campaign. Make sure you are reaching the widest possible audience by selecting a search engine that many of your target customers will be using. The most popular Pay per click advertising is that of Google Adwords.

3. Study the top ten ranking results. Since you'll be competing for the top spot on search results for a particular keyword or phrase, find out what the competition is already using. What website is no.1 on the list? Is there something that you can do to make your website reach the top? The fact is that many people still scroll through various Pay per click ads, which means that even if your ad is not on top of your rotation, there is still a good chance of it getting clicked.

4. Expand your online marketing. Pay per click campaigns like Google Adwords are just one element of online marketing. You can market your website better by using other techniques to reach a wider audience by using other kinds of advertising like contextual advertising, classified ads, and affiliate marketing.

5. Demographically target your ads. Pay per click ads such as Google Adwords has a feature known as demographic targeting which gives you’re the option to shows your ads to the area of your choice. Getting to show your ads to the internet audience in your specified location will enable you to maximize the use of your marketing expenditure to appear only in the area of your concern.

6. Use keyword research tools. There are many keyword research tools online like that of the Google Keyword Tool. This vital tool will generate statistics for your specified keyword and give you the synonyms for your keywords that you are best to use. Create a comprehensive list of keywords or keyphrases that your target market would be interested in so that you can capture the largest possible market with each and every ad you create.

7. Use an Ad Filtering feature. Get rid of useless clicks by blocking certain websites or regions that you want to exclude from your marketing plan. This will help you save some money and will also allow you to get an accurate idea of what your conversion rates and click through rates are. If you think that there is fraudulent clicks, you c an solve this problem by using a fraud detection and prevention that some Pay per click providers like Google Adwords have.

Bring in more of the right kind of traffic by using proven Pay per click service providers like that of Google Adwords. If you want to start your Pay per click campaign with the use of Google Adwords, or even modify an already existing campaign, you must remember that these essential tips are just very basic. If you want to bring the massive amount of high converting traffic to your site, you have to study more about how to make the most out of online marketing like that of Google Advertising.