One sure way to get massive traffic to your site and to capture your target audience is to use the Pay per click marketing strategy. There are certain tactics and techniques that can be applied for you to get the most out of your Pay Per Click strategy. These are some of the most effective Pay Per Click techniques that can be used regularly:

A key Pay Per Click technique is the A/B testing of advertising copy to track insignificant changes, though this does not have to be done often. One assessment that is necessary can be done by changing keywords or keyphrases in your ads to check if there is any marked difference in user behavior. After a short period of time, the best performing keywords and keyphrases can be determined with this kind of assessment. When planning for your Pay Per Click strategy, it is also necessary to test your landing page.

When setting up pay per click advertising campaigns, you also need to test your landing pages. It's generally a good idea to set up several different landing pages and create identical ads that go to different destinations. That way, you can track which landing pages are truly converting and which ones are setting visitors astray. Use a reliable analytics tool to help you retrieve quality data and analyze it regularly to look for patterns and trends.

You need to make a judgment call that is not only based on figures and numbers to decide how much to spend for your Pay Per Click campaign, according to the authors of "Ultimate Guide In Google Adwords", Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd. Your assessment should be based on your confidence in your site potential to make income, market knowledge and your budget. You have to estimate what the average time of each site visit. Are your potential clients going to immediately purchase or browse around your site first? There may be a need to up your budget to bring in potential clients rather than those who are simply hunting for information.

It's generally a good idea to track down negative keywords as often as possible. The Google Adwords tool can easily help you determine which ads may be showing up for irrelevant searches, so all you need to do at this point is to pluck out these keywords from your bid list so you're not wasting your money and resources generating clicks that lead nowhere.

Why spend your time competing in organic search listings when you have already bid to properly position those keywords and keyphrases? It is a waste of money to buy ads for keywords that are already securely positioned on major search engine listings. The ultimate goal is to place your site of the top ranks of search results and the wise way to do this is not to repeat keywords already placed in ads.

Using Pay per click advertising with Google Adwords and other sponsored listing providers does work in generating quality traffic but you would have to study your marketing strategy to keep up with the trends. To upgrade your marketing strategy, you would have to start learning the tactics and techniques to get more of traffic you need.