Using the Pay per click marketing strategy is has been proven to bring high quality and even qualified traffic to the site. Yet, there are 5 secret techniques that are invaluable to ensuring you a jump start on your Pay per click campaign like that of Google Adwords. Here are just some of the most effective Pay per click tactics to use on a regular basis:

One way to test your ad copy is by using A/B testing, and it will track the smallest and minuet changes. One key secret technique to success in using Pay per click is to be able to see clearly how the major words and sentences in your ads makes a difference in user behavior. After a few weeks of testing, the results will show you what the best performing keyword or keyphrase is.

Another little-known secret is the need to test your landing pages when setting up Pay per click advertising campaigns like that of Google Adwords. This test is done by setting up several various landing pages, creating identical ads to be placed in them and running the ads simultaneously. The resulting data will show you which among the landing pages are converting and which are not working that effectively. Use a reliable analytics tool to help you retrieve quality data and analyze it regularly to look for patterns and trends.

Another tactic you can learn is how to know how much to pay for the clicks. In the book, “Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords”, internet marketing expert authors, Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd, will reveal more details on determining how much to pay for your clicks studying and assessing some important factors. Perry Marshall and Brian Todd expounded on the expert statement that the basis of your Pay per click expense is the current market, the budget that you have, and your capacity to turn site visitors into buyers of your product or services. What you need to be aware of is the length of time a visitor stays on your website. Are they going to hop right to the purchase page or browse around? Plan to place more of your budget into getting the visitors who are ready to buy, rather than those who are simply searching for information.

Internet savvy marketers use a highly effective process to track down the negative keywords as often as they can. The Google Adwords tool can easily help you determine which ads may be showing up for irrelevant searches, so all you need to do at this point is to pluck out these keywords from your bid list so you're not wasting your money and resources generating clicks that lead nowhere.

Finally, make sure you're not competing with your organic search listings for certain keywords and keyphrases. When you have already gotten to the top ranks of search engine listing for the specific keyword or keyphrase, it is no longer necessary to place up ads using the same keywords or keyphrases. This is because you have already accomplished your goal to get into the first page of search results listings with those specific keywords, and can already focus your time, effort and money to getting results for other keywords or keyphrases to use your Pay per click marketing strategy.

Pay per click advertising with Google Adwords and other sponsored search listing providers is a proven method for generating quality traffic, but that doesn't mean you can just set it on autopilot. You need to learn some basic techniques and tactics to attract the type of traffic that converts.