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Improve PPC Ad Campaigns With These Steps

Posted by Google Adwords on Tuesday, August 25, 2009, In : Pay Per Click Program 
Optimizing Google Adwords and other PPC campaigns naturally consume time and effort because of all the data gathering and testing you need to do. However, there are techniques that are known to improve any campaign's performance quickly. Running different ad variations is the most popular technique to optimize PPC campaigns. Some of your ad versions will gather more clicks than others do; it's just a matter of discarding low-performing ads.

Still, there are other ways to fine-tune your pay-pe...

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How to Write Your First Google Adwords Ad

Posted by Google Adwords on Monday, June 15, 2009, In : Pay Per Click Program 
The title of top PPC network on the internet still belongs to Google Adwords, and they are expected to remain on top for years. What's great about Adwords is that anyone can setup an account and run a campaign in a few hours. The only thing is, you are limited to just  35 text characters per line so you have to type in a specific manner to get favorable results. You just need to learn how to write ads specifically for Adwords in order to profit from it.

A whole science has emerged around writ...

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How To Use Google Adwords Advertising to Attract New Customers to Your Website
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