Making a powerful Google Adwords campaign can be very demanding for both beginners and experts, especially if you're just entering a completely new market or addressing your target audience for the very first time. While you could very well spend several hours checking the market as well as observing the activities of your competitors, the real lessons are realized when you create an advertisement and then concentrate on perfecting the same for performance. All the same, this particular strategy also makes it easy to have flaws - at a huge cost.

Perry Marshall can offer you a lot of helpful tips and strategies about creating an adwords campaign which promises good results in his book The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords, but many people still make errors when they perform key phrase research and also making efforts to optimize their ad promotions.

If you are aiming to create an effective Google Adwords campaign - one that generates quality visitors and actually reaches your target market - make sure you're not committing even a single one of these most common mistakes:

1. Writing copy for an ad without keywords. Many Adwords campaign managers commit the mistake of using keywords only in the headline or first sentence, and not throughout the ad. Generally, you would like to make sure your ad copy is as suitable and as keyword-rich as possible, so feel free to employ a minimum of 1 to 2 key phrases in your ad for better responses.

2. Sending visitors to a site's main page. You will get much more hits and even higher conversion rates if the address for a webpage that you give in the ad is straight to a page within the site with the promotion instead of just a main page.

3. Depending on Google's Adwords Keyword Selector Tool to work for you. The 'broad match' function can only give you an overview of useful keywords for your niche, but you do can make use of other options. Use the other features, such as the 'phrase match' and the 'exact match' in the tool to generate a very good set of keywords that you could make use of for your ad copy and even your website.

4. Employing keywords and phrases that do not attract your preferred audience. Understanding exactly what words your target market searches for will take you some time to really be familiar with, and you can't assume all the time that your desired audience will be browsing for your products and services with the use of exactly the same search phrases that you are using online. You need to create a listing of related keywords and phrases with the use of the 'synonyms' feature in the Google Adwords Keyword Selector Tool to boost search results as well as improve your campaign.

5. Displaying your promotion only in the ad body's copy. Always make sure you emphasize the main selling point of your ad right away in the headline of your ad's copy. You should imagine that your readers and viewers are most likely only going to read the headers - would they be compelled to click on your ad or perhaps read the remainder of the ad? Though Google Adwords ads are only comprised of three to four short statements, most people check these short texts and will respond if they see something interesting - and this is your chance to get hold of their attention.